Multi Tenant


Multi-Tenant system empowers to build scalable and efficient applications capable of serving multiple clients or tenants from a single codebase. This robust feature enables seamless management and customization for diverse user bases, ensuring secure isolation and optimal performance for each tenant.

Below we describe two of the most common situations where Multi-tenant feature can help with your architecture. On development we can have different scenarios, customize the multi-tenant ecosystem according to your needs.

Multi project application.

Assume that we need to develop an application that have multiple organizations, where each one can access on their workspace and each member is isolated on them. This type of architecture would require a lot of analysis and development activity.

With Arke we provide a plug and play project system which allows flexiblity for this scenarios.


Multiple deployment environment

Another common use is to manage the development, staging, and production environments that are essential on the software development lifecycle. Each environment must serving distinct purposes in the process of building, testing, and deploying software applications.

  • Development: a controlled environment for developers to experiment with new features, fix bugs, and collaborate on code changes
  • Staging: is a pre-production environment used for testing and validating software changes before deployment to production
  • Production: is the live, operational environment where the software application is accessible to end-users.

On first approach we can create two Database hosted in different server (1st isolation layer) to separate Development and Production environment and create isolated environment through projects (2nd isolation layer)


In the same way we can choose to separate with another layer the Staging environment.