Think Arke

Backend service

Arke Backend service is a robust and scalable backend service built on top of the Arke framework, designed to handle the server-side logic, data management. This represents the Arke core and provides a comprehensive set of features for building backend systems that power modern web applications, APIs, and microservices.

  • Phoenix App: the backend core, is the server-side logic written on Elixir language and based on Phoenix web framework.
  • Database: the persistence store, currently is a Postgres DB but in future other Database types are pluggable.

Phoenix App

Phoenix App is a boilerplate initialized through Arke New template. With Arke new you can get a Phoenix application up and running as quickly as possible.

Follow the backend installation section to init it. Inside it we found a plug-and-play environment equipped with arke hex packages.

This is our starter backend application customizable for our needs.


Arke packages on phoenix app

Hex is the official package manager for Elixir, serving as a centralized repository for publishing, discovering, and sharing Elixir and Erlang packages. Installed on your phoenix app useful deps to extend your backend.

Arke Hex packages (opens in a new tab) are ready-to-use packages released on Hex Hub, when you init an application with arkectl or, on mix.exs file Phoenix app has already connected the latest stable release.

defp arke_deps(_) do
       {:arke, "~> 0.1.27"},
       {:arke_postgres, "~> 0.2.11"},
       {:arke_auth, "~> 0.1.14"},
       {:arke_server, "~> 0.1.32" },

If you want to know more details about installation, configuration and development through the Phoenix App goes into the detail backend section.

Arke packages

Arke packages are open sources available on Hex Hub and provide a set of plug-and-play features for your application.


Arke package contains the backend core logic

Arke Server

Arke Server package provide the network and server layer for your application, it is responsible of autogenerated RESTful api endpoints and all server interactions.

Arke Auth

Arke Auth package provide the authentication layer for your application with JWT token management, permissions and roles 2FA and SSO.

Arke Postgres

Arke Postgres package manage the interaction with your postgres Database