Think Arke


The Frontend starter is a powerful and versatile frontend solution built on top of the Arke framework, designed to create dynamic, responsive, and interactive user interfaces for web applications. With a focus on flexibility, performance, and developer productivity, the Arke Frontend Application empowers developers to build modern web applications with ease.

  • Next App: Based on NextJS Application provide all best next features as routing, ...
  • Arke npm packages: Provide a suite of useful packages for the frontend eco-system

Arke NextJS starter

Arke frontend starters are a set of boilerplates initialized through the Arke starter template.

Follow the frontend installation section to init it. Inside it we found a plug-and-play environment equipped with arkejs packages.

This is our starter frontend application customizable for our needs.


Arkejs packages

ArkeJs packages are open sources available on NPM registry and provides a set of plug-and-play features for your application. You can install the packages through the standards package manager as npm, yarn or pnpm.

On our starter the packages are already defined on package.json with latest version

  "dependencies": {
    "@arkejs/client": "^2.9.4",
    "@arkejs/form": "1.6.1",
    "@arkejs/table": "0.9.0",
    "@arkejs/ui": "^0.29.5",


Client JS is an isomorphic JavaScript client for Arke. Through the client SDK you can use simplified methods to interact with the arke backend.


Arke UI provides a complete list of common components for your frontend application.


Arke form is a form component to automate form generation process


Arke table is a table component to automate table generation process