Think Arke
Special Entities


Project is a special arke with dedicated functionalities. With them, you can isolate your application environment.


When you create a Project their information are stored inside our Database, in the arke_system schema, inside the arke_unit table.

We have the id column that stores the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) that represent the database schema, the arke_id column that stores the arke identifier (for project primitive will be always arke_project), the data column that stores parameters definition and their values, the metadata column for additional info, the inserted_at column to indicate when record is created and the updated_at column to indicate when record is updated.


Project has a dedicated type parameter that stores the schema type

"type": {
   "value": "postgres_schema",
   "datetime": "2024-03-11T16:53:25Z"

RESTful Endpoints

Projects are unit of the pre-defined arke arke_project, a set of default API are generated to manage it, the API are authenticated and have restricted permissions, additional params are ready-to-use like sorting, filtering and more. Discover them remember that your arke_id is arke_project in the dedicated RESTful API section.